Deleting folders with a period at the end

From a command prompt:

1. Change into the root directory for the problematic folder.
2. Display drive listing with the /x option (show 8.3 name): Dir /x
3. Re-name folder with the 8.3 name: Rename badfolder~1 bad
4. Delete the renamed folder


E:\Scenic Byways>DIR /X  Volume in drive E is ServerE  Volume Serial Number is
 Directory of E:\Common\Scenic Byways

11/14/2012  03:18 PM    <DIR>                       . 11/14/2012  03:18 PM    <DIR>                       .. 06/13/2001  02:54 PM            40,960              renamer.exe
07/27/2012  12:18 AM    <DIR>          SCENIC~1     ScenicBywaysLVBlvdSo.
1 File(s)         40,960 bytes
3 Dir(s)   5,275,316,224 bytes free

E:\Scenic Byways>DEL SCENIC~1 E:\Scenic Byways\SCENIC~1\*, Are you sure (Y/N)? Y
Delete returns no error, but the folder remains untouched

E:\Scenic Byways>RENAME SCENIC~1 SEN

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