Exchange 2010 Genifax Connector

New-ForeignConnector –Name “GeniFax Exchange Connector” –AddressSpaces “FAX:*;1” –SourceTransportServers  SERVER
Get-ForeignConnector | Set- ForeignConnector –dropdirectory C:\FaxConnector
The following permissions are required on the Drop directory:

  • Administrator: Full Control
  • System: Full Control
  • Network Service: Read, Write, and Delete Subfolders and Files
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4 Responses to Exchange 2010 Genifax Connector

  1. MarkM says:

    What version of the Genifax must you be at to support Exchange 2010

    • Scott Waber says:

      We are on GeniFAX 3.6, but I believe the official support was for Exchange 2007. It’s a file system connector so you’re actually removing the messages out of Exchange so that the Genifax File Scan connector can grab them, so it seems pretty much Exchange version agnostic. It’s been rock solid for us.

  2. Jason Loster says:

    HI, i am running genifax and have this issue. as well. do i create the drop directory on the exchange or genifax server?

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