Strange File Server Issue

Our issue:

1. Some end user Workstations, while browsing for a file to open in Office Applications the reach a folder and the system seems to hang for 30 to 60 sec before they can proceed. Activities with the computer outside of the Office application seem to work fine, and once that initial pause has occurred the Office application will not exhibit the issue till it has been closed and reopened.

2. A yet to be diagnosed condition on the Windows 2003 file servers develops and progressively degrades. The issue seems to affect large database type files such as PST folders initially sporadic but as time progresses more wide spread. Symptom list below.

1. User issues with large format database file types PST

2. Terminal Services Unresponsive immediate disconnect on the client.

3. Logon to console running the Admin Console Short Cut receive error "Unable to Open Document". MMC can only be opened by navigating to it and double clicking the exe.

4. If you can get into the MMC icons within the MMC are distorted black icons.

5. Symptoms go away after reboot for X days

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One Response to Strange File Server Issue

  1. Scott says:

    A new theory Robocopy, it would seem all of the recent instances of our issue were within a couple days of a large Robocopy move. As it stands now the servers with the Microsoft provided registry changes seem to be stable still.

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