So the really cool File Storage Reports of Windows 2003 R2 seems to have an issue that will not allow it to generate the file by owner report filtered to one or more users. The report runs fine when not limited, but if restricted for selected users immediately blows up with an error "File Server Resource Manager – An unexpected error has occurred. Please check application event log for more information." The application event log shows error Event ID 0 Source FSRM Category None text below. The MS tech I worked with at Microsoft could not find anything on this, but on the plus side was able to reproduce it so hopefully a fix soon.

Event ID: 0
Source: FSRM
Category: None

An unexpected error occurred in the File Server Resource Manager MMC snap-in

at Microsoft.Storage.SrmMmc.ReportTask.SaveChanges(ISrmReportManager reportManager)

at Microsoft.Storage.SrmMmc.StorageReportTaskPropertySheet.SaveChanges()

at Microsoft.Storage.SrmMmc.PropertySheet.OnOkButtonClicked(Object sender, EventArgs eventArgs)

Invalid argument: FilterByOwners[0] = ‘Joe User’

at Microsoft.Storage.SrmMmc.ISrmReport.SetFilter(String filterName, Object filterValue)

at Microsoft.Storage.SrmMmc.ReportTask.SaveChanges(ISrmReportManager reportManager)

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One Response to FSRM Woes

  1. Scott says:

    So, this has been reproduced by Microsoft Support, but the question is will it be fixed. I was asked to provide a "business justification" for the QFE team to review. I guess time will tell if they will fix this, or if I will have to wait for the next version.

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